Blank Tape Spillage Fete

An exhibition of art and music.

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Blank Tape Spillage Fete Logo

Event Details


The English Folk Dance and Song Society
Cecil Sharp House
2 Regent's Park Road
London NW1 7AY
Nearest Tube: Camden Town


Storrow Hall: Cecil Sharp House
Friday 25th August - Friday 1st September 2007
Open Daily 10am - 5pm
Admission free

Launch Gig

Trefusis Hall: Cecil Sharp House
Bank Holiday Sunday the 27th August
4pm - 11pm
Admission £3

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About The Spillage Fete

The 'Blank Tape Spillage Fete' is a project set up by Matt Hunt and Mat Fowler.

The Mats have been friends since Art School, and after a long hiatus got together to start making and recording music in 2004. An evening a week in Mat Fowler's damp North London cellar was made sacred and the four-track recording sessions began. After futile attempts at coming up with a name for themselves they finally agreed on the 'Blank Tapes' but google soon put paid to that by way of a band with the same name. But the damage was done and a song had already been recorded referencing the short lived 'Blank Tapes'. So the band name was scrapped and instead the name became the inspiration for something else....

Sharing a passion for all things analogue, and still (obsessively) making mix tapes for each other and friends, they decided upon the idea of sending out a blank audio cassette to people far and wide and in return asking them to fill the tape with their own music, recordings, warblings, noodlings, spills, fluff, shiny new stuff, anything as long as it was their own. And then to create artwork or packaging to accompany their tape, and finally to send it back. The idea being to hunt and gather the contributions with a view to nurture and document a community- spirited sound/art exhibition.

Soon after the idea was conceived, a suitable location was chosen, and the first 'Spillage Fete' meeting was held. Notes were scribbled and drinks were split and drunk as the two Mats planned and plotted long into the night. By the next day a list of friends, unknowns, individuals, groups, those signed and those unsigned was drawn up and 25 blank audio cassettes were ordered. It was decided that the pre-recorded 'Blank Tapes' song would be mastered onto each tape to act as a hello and a call to action, and a handmade booklet would be produced to accompany each cassette detailing what had now become the 'Blank Tape Spillage Fete'.

In November 2005, 25 packs each containing a tape and invite were sent out via good old Royal Mail to await response and feedback. In the meantime a website was set up to keep the fellow Spillagers updated with information on who had agreed to take part, as well as weekly updates with photos or comments of the progress people had made.

By March 2006 the submissions were collected back. Varying between sound artists and musicians, the contributors have each interpreted the 'Spillage Fete' in their own unique and personal way some creating packaging to house (literally) their tapes, others documenting the actual process of the making of their tape. With thanks and help from Pointer Footwear, the results have now been designed & published into a book.

The 'spillage Fete' contributions will be exhibited in London near the end of the summer as well as showcase nights featuring live music from the the people involved. Future dates and details will be posted up on this site as and when.

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The following people contributed art and music to the project

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The people who helped make the Spillage Fete a reality in other ways.

Spillage Sponsors

Pointer Footwear

Spillage Thinkers

Mat Fowler
Matt Hunt

Spillage Web Centre

Dan Edgar

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